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Your Writing Project – Mentored by James Dewar

Do you need help finishing your writing projects?

Whether you seek help writing a novel or poetry manuscript, or desire feedback on poems or short stories you intend to send out to publishers, I am available to offer skilled and supportive editing.

Perhaps you dislike sharing in the workshop environment because you do not enjoy sharing the process with other writers.

Perhaps you have made a snap decision to get to work on finishing your project, large or small, and our long workshops have already started or sold out.

If you are working on a long project, here is how the mentorship process keeps you on track and provides the best value:

How does it work?

You book me for the first 10 hour block. Most mentoring relationships involve writing and meeting on a biweekly schedule. Meetings will be held online using Zoom technology or by telephone.

When you book your 10 hours, you and I will schedule the dates and times for the sessions. You may submit up to 3,000 words every two weeks. So a 10 hour block, without extensions, takes 10 weeks. The first week, you email the 3,000 words. The following week I email you my comments and we enjoy an hour discussion by phone or zoom (your choice). This scenario repeats 4 more times in each block. If you need more time, simply purchase another block. If we do not use all of the hours in a block, I refund you at $70/hr.

Your writing submission should be emailed to me no later than midnight three days before the scheduled appointment. (For instance, if the scheduled meeting is Thursday at 12 noon, I must receive your piece by midnight the previous Monday).

Do I have to pay before I know if this is going to work for me?

No. You and I will have a complimentary discussion, lasting 30 minutes to an hour, before your first 10-hour agreement begins. This discussion will cover, among other things, the current state of your writing project, your ideas about the process, the current state of your relationship with yourself as a writer, and your ultimate ambition for the book. Are you pursuing traditional publishing, self-publishing, contest entry or calls for submission? Or are you writing just for family and friends, perhaps self-publishing for a small market etc?

What kind of feedback/editing is available through a mentorship?

Feedback depends on your particular project and needs. Some writers need substantive help with plot, character, motivation, conflict, rising and falling action and other story design elements. Some writers need help with aspects of writer’s craft. Some writers need help with structure.

Editing may include substantive, line edits, copy-edits and/or proofreading (depending on what you need and want). Your manuscript will be returned to you digitally with my comments included via the MSWord Review and Comment tools.

What if I already have a substantial amount of manuscript written?

If you have material written that you would like me to read before the mentorship begins, I would be happy to do that, but the number of hours it would take me to read it, and any discussion we have about it, would be included in your first 10 hour block.

What if I miss a meeting?

If you need to cancel a manuscript consultation meeting for your submitted work, I require at least 24 hours notice. (for instance, if your appointment is 3:00 on Thursday, I must receive notice no later than 3:00 Wednesday). In this situation, I will suggest a mutually agreeable alternate time as close to the date as possible.

If your work is not emailed to me by the submission deadline, our conference appointment will be automatically moved to our next scheduled appointment time, two weeks later.

If you’re interested in working with me as a mentored author or poet, please fill out the contact form and let’s enjoy a chat about your hopes for your writing.

How much does it cost?

A block of 10 hours costs $700 plus HST.

As I mentioned earlier, if you need less time, tell me about your project and I will provide an estimate. (Please note that all unused minutes are refundable)

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Interested in having a conversation about working together? Please use the CONTACT FORM on this website to set up a convenient time.