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Testimonials for Inkslingers International Literary Adventures

Inkslingers is very proud of the fact that many of our participants in our international retreats come back over and over again. Some travellers have been on every retreat we’ve ever done! That fact in and of itself speaks to the great experience people enjoy on our trips.

Here are some testimonials from our participants over the past four years on retreats to Paris, Ireland and Scotland:

This was my second trip with Inkslingers and I was not disappointed! The literature, writing, support and tours made the trip (PARIS 2019) one that will remain with me for a lifetime. Each trip has left me wanting more and so eager for the next one. Inkslingers inspires us all to read more, write more and experience more. You cannot come home from one of these trips feeling uninspired and excited. Beautiful people, beautiful places and everlasting memories are what these are all about. Many thanks for all you do!! I’ll definitely be back for more. It’s worth the wait! ~Kim

I felt a renewed sense of spirit in my own writing on this retreat. Looking at some of the writers who’d found inspiration in Paris was really profound, along with the inspirational art we experienced as a group. This trip was well planned and I highly recommend working with the Inkslingers anywhere. I’m now working diligently on my memoir and I feel much of it is due to this time spent with my new writing friends. Thank you! :))
~Sharon Robino-West

Merging place and history with the writing mind is such a great expertise of the Inkslingers — as well as bringing together such a like-minded group of individuals ready to explore, create and have an amazing time!

Inkslingers is the perfect solution for writers interested in exploring the world. They do all the work to provide a comfortable vacation, with the experience of a writing retreat as a bonus. Paris was not my first Inslinger’s Retreat, and it won’t be my last.
~Name Withheld

Loved the wonderful literary exploration of Paris and the warm expertise of the brilliant facilitators. An amazing once in a lifetime way to absorb the city. Can’t wait for your next retreat! How lucky we are that we can take part in this literally exquisite experience.
~Susan Turk Mozer

I had a most wonderful time on this retreat and loved the format of being introduced to several Irish writers and their work through the book provided. The prompts we were given based on their work/styles were all the richer for having been introduced to them by Sue. Sue made sure that we were grouped in such a way as to be able to share our work and hear the writing and feedback of everyone else throughout the week. She, James and Katie facilitated our groups with skill and thoughtfulness. We certainly made the most of the sights and sounds of Ireland and let its magic seep into our work! I highly recommend an Inkslingers retreat to anyone interested in honing their craft in very capable hands as you travel the world. It doesn’t get much better than that! ~ Susie Whelehan

It was an absolutely fabulous trip. Hats off to the facilitators. They were wonderful – positive and encouraging. The trip was well organised, starting the day with yoga or tai chi was wonderful, reading together and sharing what we wrote was amazing, the sites we visited were awe-inspiring, our accommodations were luxurious. I am so glad that I signed up for this trip. I loved it!
~ Helen Marie Carroll

As a fledgling writer it surpassed all my expectations. The backdrop of Scotland and its writers and poets added immeasurably to the experience.
~ Leslee Bowen

Facilitated writing groups every day. Daily yoga or tai chi. Travelling companions who share an interest in writing. Interesting locations and exhibits. Easy transportation. What’s not to like? I have participated in three Inkslingers trips and Sue and James provide a wonderful combination of travel and writing retreat. Highly recommended! ~ Kathleen Boyle Hatcher

What an awesome privilege to have been able to travel with Inkslingers, a fabulous group of people, and writers. From the moving and astonishingly beautiful places we visited, to the people, the writing, the hotels, all was executed and carried out flawlessly. Thank you so much to Sue Reynolds, Kate Marshall Flaherty and James Dewar, our wonderful teachers and group leaders, for a delightful and unforgettable experience. ~ Carol Hart

A wonderful opportunity to see and experience a country and to write with a small group of supportive writers, guided by three very intuitive, kind and helpful facilitators. ~ Sandra Johnston

Writing in a group of inspired writers is magical; experiencing that away from your everyday life is the moon and the stars! ~ Barbara Hunt

This writers retreat surpassed my expectations. The quality of the accomodations, the planned excursions and the space to write and share writing were incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Ireland’s literary culture and about Irish writers. Sue and James batted it out of the park. We grew close as a community of writers and I hope to maintain some of those connections.
~ Name Withheld

Although I was a little nervous beforehand about writing and sharing my work with strangers I needn’t have been. Sue, James and Katie were incredible facilators and with their encouragement and leadership I soon felt completely at ease sharing with the other participants who were all so encouraging and friendly. Sue brought Irish literature to life for me and helped me to understand how Irish history remains such an integral part of life in the country today. I very much enjoyed the whole Ireland experience and hope to travel with Inkslingers again in the future. ~ Shari Cooke

Fantastic preparatory readings, writing prompts and connections of Irish writers studied with the magic of place. Facilitation was skillful, inspiring and affirming to writers of all levels and aspirations. So much love and effort obviously went into every detail of this memorable trip! ~ Name Withheld

Using the AWA Method to support us and our writing, the facilitators quickly created trust and a caring community. We also ate, drank, laughed, cried and learned while exploring a wonderful country. ~ Carol Good

Immersion in local culture; interesting excursions and activities; literary grounding in the culture with imaginative writing prompts! A stimulating blend that produced a lot of writing! I’d go again. ~ Kate Rogers

If you’re tempted by thought of the best experience of writing you may ever have and if you’d like to do that with others who are also writing, some published, some brand new and quaking in their boots, like I was, and do that with opportunity to visit historic sites, eat local cuisine, absorb stunning scenery and hear the lilt of new speech patterns, and then be able to write about all of it and a whole lot more in a supportive, safe environment, then an Inkslingers road trip should be on your bucket list. Amazing experience. Thanks Sue and James and Kate!
~ Name Withheld

What a wonderful way to enjoy a country, with like-minded people who support each other both in their travels and in their writing. The facilitators were knowledgeable, well-prepared and just fantastic! ~ Name Withheld

Inkslingers Writing and Yoga in Scotland retreat was breathtaking. It was steeped in beauty, history and so rich in experience I will be reliving it for years to come.
~ Grace King

Everyone that I have described my experiences on the retreat has told me they would love to have been there. If you decide to go on this retreat you will not regret it, instead, you will have had an experience that will be the envy of everyone. ~ Frances Shepherd

I really enjoyed the habit of waking up to yoga and writing every morning. The facilitators of both activities provided a nourishing atmosphere. I was impressed with the way they wove the history and the culture of Scotland into each writing and yoga activity, which enriched my overall travel experience.
~ Name Withheld

I would recommend this retreat to anyone who likes to travel, learn about places, history, writers and the craft of writing, and express yourself through that medium. Experienced and novice writers alike gained from the process and tour, and the facilitators and participants all contributed to a positive, supportive environment where creativity flourished.
~ Sarah L

I would tell anyone who is considering travelling with Inkslingers to stop considering and just do it.
~ Vanessa Zimmer Powell