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Caressing the Page – November 20th, 2010

Saturday November 20th
Time: 10:00 to 4:00
Place: Central Durham
Cost: $95 + HST
($85 + HST for WCDR, WEN, WHEN, PWAC members)


Erotic Writing – Part One ”Go where the energy is – go fearward.”

There are few places in our writing more fearful to us than writing about sex. What will our mothers think? What will our partners think? Omigod, what will our children think?
Also, there’s the question of… what if our characters are the kinds of people who do things that we would never! Not in our wildest! How do we write about that and make it believable? And if we do write about it (once again) what will our mothers think? Or (worse) our spouses?

6198242Yet castrating the electricity of our romantic scenes (and many of our other scenes as well – because, as we know, sex isn’t always about romance) by being afraid of the erotic, robs our work of so much of the power available to us in writing. If literature is all about casting pure light on every aspect of human experience, then to ignore the sexual also robs our work of veracity and courage.

448360To step away from the higher intellectual and philosophical truths for a moment, sex also sells! Romance and erotica are two burgeoning categories in fiction, and publishers are always looking for new voices in this field.

In this one day workshop James and Sue will be leading the group through exercises designed to get you through the fear of putting those words out there for all to see.

In a series of on the spot exercises, participants will discover:

– the difference between romance, erotica and pornography
– how to fine tune their writing to fill the particular niche they’re aiming for
– how to introduce sex into their regular fiction
– about sex in genre
– about the markets and resources available to them


splatter ink 02What to Bring:

A notebook, a fast writing pen or your laptop, your memories and imagination.


[quickshop: Caressing the Page workshop price for WCDR members:price:85:end] $85.00 Caressing the Page workshop

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