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Write Around the World – AWA’s Fundraiser

You likely know that the writing workshops James and I do are held in the Amherst Writers Method (AWA). This is what we use to keep our workshops safe, creative and productive.

May is the month when Amherst Writers reaches out to writers everywhere by holding Write Around the World (WAW). Workshop leaders volunteer their time to lead AWA Method workshops on a donation basis because, as well as being a fundraiser, we want to make it accessible so people who have never experienced the method get a chance to try it out.

I will be donating my time to lead 3 WAW workshops and James will be leading one about poetry with Kate Marshall Flaherty on these dates:

And if that schedule doesn’t work to write with us, or ours are full by the time you try to register, there are lots of other marvelous opportunities.

For us at AWA this is a chance to raise awareness of AWA’s method and its uses, to bring people together in our writing communities of care and comfort, to offer them a therapeutic experience of creativity, and help people claim their voice as writers. And the monetary stakes can be very low. Suggested donations are $20, $10 or even just $5 for those who are experiencing financial distress.

PJ 12I would love you to come and write with me during one of my sessions. If that’s not possible because of timing, or if you want more time and space for your writing than just my session, I invite you to give yourself the gift of a writing workshop with another AWA leader. You can see them all, and sign up HERE.

Please also share the link with others you know who write. Think about the relief and joy you felt when you found the safe space that an AWA Method workshop provides. This is an opportunity to offer that gift to others.

I hope to see you in one of my Write Around the World sessions.

Looking forward to writing with you!