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Write and Learn POETRY with James Dewar

WRITE and LEARN POETRY with James Dewar is offered in the online ZOOM ROOM format on alternate Saturday mornings from 10:00 am until NOON EDT.
We spend about 15 minutes each workshop discussing an interesting aspect of writing good verse and then practice it by creating at least two poems. We then encourage each other to share our fresh new poems offering feedback that accentuates what is working well and what stays with us.
Bring your muses to this productive workshop. We’re sure the good company will inspire them to be generous.
The fee to attend each workshop is $40.00 plus HST.

Upcoming Workshop dates in 2024:
February 10th
February 24th
March 9th
March 23rd
April 6th
April 20th
May 4th
May 25th
June 8th
June 22nd

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Some of the topics James has covered in previous workshops:

  • Making a Metaphor
  • Lyricism as Surprise
  • Creating Tone using Assonance
  • Endings – How Do You Know When a Poem is Done?
  • Choosing from the Stanza Bonanza
  • Odes
  • Creating Immediacy in Poems
  • Enjambment as Entertainment
  • Revision Using InterPoesie Techniques part 1
  • Poetry of Place
  • How Readers Recognize Themselves in Poems
  • Dreaded Associations
  • Finding the Centre of a Poem
  • Long-Armed Poems (after Ellen Bass)
  • The Difference Between Sentiment & Sentimentality
  • Assonance and Mood
  • Dramatic Monologues
  • Prose Poems
  • The Turn
  • Creating Echoes
  • Enjambment Excellence
  • Revision Using InterPoesie Techniques part 2
  • Tenor and Vehicle
  • Sound and Movement
  • Points of View
  • Designing Titles