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Paint like the Group of Seven

One Day Workshop at Uplands with Harvey Walker.(POSTPONED)

Explore your Artistic Side!

Harvey’s workshop day at Uplands in Sept. 2019.

Two years ago James and I took our first painting lesson at Meta4 Gallery with Harvey Walker.   He was teaching Painting like the Group of Seven” and soon we were addicted!

Since then we’ve taken several more courses with him and surprised ourselves with what we’ve produced – paintings we’re actually proud to hang on our wall – or give as gifts. The effect on our lives was much broader than that, however. Painting enhanced the eyes we had already developed by doing photography. Suddenly, everywhere we looked we saw the fields and lakes, farms and forests around us as possible subjects for painting. We noticed how the light was falling, and part of our brains were always noticing colour and imagining how that could be reproduced.

Harvey’s a terrific teacher (and a funny guy! Highly entertaining to work with). He gives confidence to beginning students and shares a wealth of knowledge and techniques with painters who have been working for a while.

Last fall Harvey announced he would no longer be teaching his Friday morning class at Meta4. Driving down from Haliburton once a week for a short class was becoming burdensome for him – we understood but still we were sad – Those studio classes had become so important to us.

But then we came up with a plan… what if we put together a one day workshop and shared the joy? Harvey said yes! We’ve done two workshops at our place since then, but we want more! And Harvey’s said yes again. So the next Painting like the Group of Seven workshop will be (POSTPONED)

This was the first painting Sue did with Harvey – still one of her favourites.

This was the first painting Sue did with Harvey – still one of her favourites.[/caption]If you’re longing to free your inner artist and discover the joy of pushing paint around on a canvas and surprising yourself with the skills you have, please consider joining us. If you already are fairly confident in your skill and want to give yourself the gift of a day in the studio exploring Canadian landscape through the eyes (and brushes) of some of our iconic artists, again please consider joining us!

Cost for the day is $120 plus HST and includes a provided lunch. The day will go from 10 a.m. to a soft close at 4:00

IF you already have your paints and supplies, that’s great! If you need canvas, oil paints, etc., they can be provided for an art supplies fee of $20.

Please use the registration form below to register and the Paypal button to pay. We can also take an etransfer at info@inkslingers.ca (Amount is $120.00 Plus HST = $135.60) or you could pay over the phone with a credit card if you want the Airmiles!

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    $120.00 + HST
    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Delve into the world of natural light and colour with us again AT A FUTURE DATE

    Sue & James