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Visual Journalling Workshop with Heather Tucker at Uplands


Workshop is now full.


Visual journaling is a fun and creative way to:
  • record our stories,
  • process our feelings,
  • set goals, and
  • make sense of our lives.

It reduces stress, organizes the mess, unearths wisdom and sparks creativity. It’s good for us!

Don’t be intimidated. Using colour, collage, words, images and simple strokes, participants will discover they can create works of art. The only skill required is the willingness to have some fun!

Visual journaling is the process of taking all the colourful scraps from our lives, putting hand to blank page and piecing them together in ways that give meaning and direction. The what and how of art journalling are infinitely unique. Mediums and techniques are as broad as the imagination.
Individuals will discover for themselves how it could enrich their lives.

This practice is for you if you are:
  • A creative spirit looking for a way to harness and channel your energy.
  • An overwhelmed soul needing help in focussing, organizing and processing.
  • An extrovert who loves sharing ideas and learning from others.
  • An introvert looking for a meditative practice you can do in solitude.
  • Someone who needs a play break and a good laugh.


Paints, crayons, papers and ideas will be freely shared during the day.

You are welcome to bring your own art materials you like to use (to share or just show). Markers, brushes, paints… Just make sure to tag them with tape or a sticker so than can be reclaimed.

You can bring a journal to practice in or just work on the papers provided and integrate them later into the journal. YOU decide will work best for you.
Do bring a favourite quote to share – it’s a must!

Facilitated by Heather Tucker

Time: 10:00 to 4:00
Date: Sunday, November 11
Place: Uplands Retreat (click here for location)
Cost: $120.00 (includes supplies and HST). Profits will be donated to Nettie’s Kancer Kitty – a funding project for Annette Macleod’s 9-year-old son Callum

Registration numbers are limited because of the size of the venue. Snacks and lunch provided.

To register: please fill out the form below, hit SEND and then pay using Paypal. If you need to make other arrangements for payment, please indicate that in the comments section of the registration form.


Workshop is now full.

Use this Add to Cart Button to pay $120 for the workshop. Profits will be donated to Nettie’s Kancer Kitty – a funding project for Annette Macleod’s 9-year-old son Callum