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Bronte Sisters Power Dolls

How to open a book

Ìt`s a BOOK

This baby is watching his father rip up a rejection letter. May we all find our rejection letters this funny!!

At the beginning, don’t get in the way of what you want to say – just have fun and get it down on the page. This little guy isn’t wrestling with his inner critic!

Poetry at its very worst.

We particularly like the character-driven plot line in this video! Nice writing.

Stories start with “a crack in the world”. Breast cancer is certainly a crack in the world for many women and for those who love them. A donation is made to Breast Cancer research affiliated with Susan G. Komen for the Cure Philadelphia Affiliate every time this video is viewed. Please do click on it and go to the You Tube site so your viewing gets registered. Thanks for caring.

Deepam Wadds sent me this – thank you Deepam. I love what she says!

Kate Marshall Flaherty’s fantastic and moving poem “Faraway”

Click here to see Sue's SLAM piece EMPTY NESTER
And in a burst of shameless selfpromotion – the WCDR summer slam entry that Sue won with.

An exploration of point of view!