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Inkslingers Coronavirus Response

All of Inkslingers’ In-person events have been postponed until the need for social distancing for Coronavirus has passed — at least till the end of 2020.

In the meantime, all scheduled Sanctuaries will proceed live online through our Zoom platform. (See below).

Other workshops have also been moved online or postponed, depending which option seemed most optimal.  Please look at each workshop you’re interested in to learn more.  


Please Note: During the period of social distancing required to flatten the curve on Coronavirus infections, all Sanctuary days have been re-engineered until the need for social distancing has passed.

However, knowing how essential social connection can be, and knowing how therapeutic writing can be**, Sue is going to offer the morning portion of Sanctuaries live online through the Zoom platform (much like Facetime or Skype, if you’re unfamiliar with it) on the days Sanctuary is scheduled. If you’re registered for a Sanctuary that day, you can attend the 3 hour workshop portion live online from your home beginning at 10:00 a.m. You won’t get the yummy rhubarb-lemon workshop muffins, but you will get the inspiration, the time to write, and the thoughtful feedback of Sue and your peers.

If you are already registered and paid for the Sanctuary at the full price of $99, you will also receive a $45 credit toward another Sanctuary later in the year. If you choose not to attend the Zoom online workshop, your entire registration will be credited toward another Sanctuary later in the year when we are able to schedule them in-person once again.

(**Research shows that writing about emotional topics is associated with:

  • enhancement of the functioning of the immune system,
  • lower blood pressure,
  • better lung function among asthma patients,
  • lower pain and disease severity among patients with arthritis,
  • higher white blood cell counts among AIDS patients
  • and less sleep disruption among patients with metastatic cancers,

to cover a few of the studies that have been conducted.)

This information is from an article Sue did several years ago (you can access the whole article here), referencing material from her thesis (winner of the Canadian Psychological Assn. award for Academic Excellence in 2006).