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The Headway Project for Jessica, Carol, Sue & Audra – PRIVATE WORKSHOP

Registration is at the bottom of the page.

I’m so delighted that Jessica has organized this. I already know Jessica’s and Carol’s brilliant writing. I look forward to being introduced to the writing of Sue & Audra as well.

Here’s a little background: In March and April of 2023, I realized that I needed a different kind of process to make headway with the novel I seem to have been working on forever. I needed:

  • the accountability of writing with a group of others.
  • longer periods of writing on the spot – prompted or not.
  • knowing that I was going to have to read my writing to my cohort
  • knowing that I would be encouraged by strengths-based feedback on this raw first draft.

The shape of one of these workshops is it’s a 2-hour workshop limited to just 4 participants and me. In the first hour we will write in longer stretches than you would in a sanctuary, for instance — 20 or 30 minutes, to two or three very open-ended prompts back-to-back. And as always, of course, you will be welcome to ignore the prompts altogether, and write self-directed work on the project that you’re there to write. The second hour we will read one of those just written pieces and offer the usual AWA strength’s based feedback on what’s already working.

With all of this in mind, I created The Headway Project – AWA method based writing workshops specifically designed to get a significant amount of work done on a particular project that each of us wanted to move forward.

The first 8 sessions (my test pilot run) worked brilliantly for me and, if you read the testimonials from the early adopters, worked well for the other writers as well. I trust it will work just as well for this group!

Registration fee is $35. plus HST. (39.55 Cdn in total).

Testimonials for THE HEADWAY PROJECT
There was sufficient permission to ignore the prompt and keep writing. I found the questions useful even when I didn’t include them in the piece I was engaged with.

Participant, March 9, ‘23

The prompts were very helpful: open-ended in a way that revealed many different possibilities. The second prompt was offered in the form of a question and, being a question, encouraged me to reflect and focus in order to respond. Worked very well.

Participant, March 24, ‘23

I feel like I’d love to do more of this and yet it feels like the right amount of time to help me keep going on this project. It’s very encouraging.

Participant, April 20, ‘23

Can’t wait to do it again. It felt really good to read a bit of my story and get feedback. It was feeling like a long isolated process lately.

Participant, March 16, ‘23

The prompts were very helpful: open-ended in a way that revealed many different possibilities.

Participant, March 24, ‘23

Love the longer writing time and feedback time. It’s an ideal balance!

Participant, March 30, ‘23

May 10

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