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Poetry submissions – Catherines, the Great

Deadline: February 26, 2016

Are you a Canadian writer named Catherine (Katherine, Kate, Kat, Katie, Kateri, Katrina, Cathy, Kathy … I think you get the point)? Oolichan Books is seeking submissions for a new anthology: Catherines, the Great. Like its predecessor, Desperately Seeking Susans, this anthology highlights the fact that reams of talent exist attached to a single given name, and the derivatives thereof.

This anthology, due to be published in the Spring of 2017, will feature a wide range of celebrated and established Canadian Catherines. We are now calling for all of those Catherines (et al) to wow us. We seek all forms of poetry: lyrical, formal, experimental, heartbreaking, and funny, but always and with each, the devastatingly beautiful.
If your poems are accepted, they will require a photocopy of your driver’s license with Catherine, or a reasonable variant, as proof of your name. Pays honorarium.

To submit your work, please send 1-4 poems (maximum of 6 pages) and a CV of previous publications to catherinesthegreat@gmail.com. Submissions will be accepted until February 26, 2016.

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