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Payments toward Pat Schneider Retreat

Single Occupancy premium:

[quickshop:single occupancy premium for Pat Schneider workshop:price:250:end] $250.00 Single Occupancy Premium

To pay the next installment on the retreat, please click on the appropriate button below:

[quickshop:Deposit for Pat Schneider retreat:price:195.09:end] $195.09 Early Bird secondary payment for Pat Schneider retreat

To take advantage of our earlybird fee structure, 50% of the registration fee must be paid by March 10, 2011.


[quickshop:Supplementary payment for Pat Schneider retreat:price:390.18:end] $390.18 Supplementary Payment for Pat Schneider

[quickshop:Final half of Pat Schneider retreat:price:695.09:end] $695.09 Final Half of Pat Schneider retreat


Other Amount:
[quickshop:Pat Schneider other:price:1:end] Set the quantity to the number of dollars owed in the paypal box and then hit “Tab” or “Enter” to have it re-calculate.