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Paris Payments by Credit Card or Paypal

NOTE: If paying via e-transfer or cheque, please pay the amounts listed on the Registration page.
If you prefer to pay using Paypal/Visa, the prices below reflect a surcharge of 3.5% to cover their processing fees.
If you do not have a Paypal account and prefer to pay by Credit Card, we accept payments over the phone with the same additional processing fees. Please contact James or Sue to arrange a good time to call.


$3,625 + 3.5% surcharge ($126.87) = $3,751.87

SINGLE OCCUPANCY SPOT: $4,965 + 3.5% surcharge ($173.77) = $5,138.77


IF YOU PAID THE EARLY-BIRD DEPOSIT for Inkslingers in Paris and wish to pay the remaining balance, please use these buttons:

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY Second Payment: $2,635 + 3.5% surcharge ($92.22) = $2,727.22


SINGLE OCCUPANCY Second Payment: $3,305 + 3.5% surcharge ($115.67) = $3,420.67