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Poetry Manuscript Reviews

Please Email, mail or hand deliver a digital Word copy of your poems. (a complete manuscript if you prefer)

Within 30 days:
James reviews and makes comments/suggestions on a duplicate of your manuscript, including line edits and recommended changes (if needed) for each poem.

The focus of his review concentrates on answering these questions:
1. How effective are the poems as individual works of art?
2. Do the line breaks, imagery and other poetic elements combine to create delight and surprise?
3. Are the poems in the order that best expresses the themes and objectives of the book?
4. How close to publication is the manuscript?


James conducts a follow-up 60 minute discussion (either by telephone or in person) to celebrate the strengths with the poet, answer any questions and discuss his review in detail.

The Cost is $500 (+ HST) for a manuscript up to 60 pages.
(8.5″ x 11″ Word layout)

If you have any questions please contact us.