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Testimonials about writing with Sue

Testimonials about writing with Sue’s facilitation for 2 weeks in Costa Rica:

Terry: Sue’s writing group took me to places I did not think I was capable of going. I was worried about being able to write anything at all and was pleased to discover I could. The whole format is very gentle and supportive – I felt I could really expose my “narrator” and feel very safe. I used the writing to explore my creativity and to do a little therapy on myself, knowing all of this was okay.

Jude: The prompts offered by Sue engaged my imagination. The encouragement and support of the other writers led me to dig deeper, to share more. My writing is richer than when I came.

Jon: Each day unfolding freer, fresher, deeper. A venturing into dark indigo corners, a bursting forth into rhythmic flow of unexpected images. Instructive too!

Suzanne: Acceptance and understanding – words flowing like a river – raucous laughter and the acceptance and release of tears and fears and joy and sorrow.

Esther: This group is like a warm hug of support. Their words – music and waterfalls. Their voices – laughter and sorrow. I feel altered, grown anew, and blessed by their hearts.

James: Nobody encourages deep writing and brilliant writing better than Sue Reynolds. I came back with five good poems and four short stories that have great potential. It doesn’t get any better than this in terms of producing new work. The best aspect of the writing component is sitting with the group and sharing our stories and poems. I am always so impressed with how some of the writers go into painful places and produce gifted works of art. They set an example that encourages everyone else. And Sue creates the safety that makes it all work so well. New friendships abounded.

Esana: A quiet space of listening and hearing the heart song. That song that sometimes sputtered out of my own reluctant pen, that danced on the tongues of my beautiful fellow travellers. My ears delighted to take in the love.

Colleen: Energized me, inspired me and gave me the seeds of new skills. I felt myself unplug from mourning and pour forth unexpected things. I also got unblocked from where I am in my novel. Everything started to flow again.

April: Catapults all writers, new and seasoned, to look deep within themselves to find, either through story or experience, words that lift you off the page.

Deepam: Diving down into the ocean of words, images, sensation, memory surfacing like old friends from the depths. In the safety of the circle, we offer our ears, our hearts, our shoulders, each to another. The magic emerging from those who believed they could not.

Dawn: I really enjoyed the variety and depth of the writing prompts. I also enjoyed listening to everyone else’s pieces and giving and receiving supportive feedback.