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Paris Pmt Post

Inkslingers in Paris Anthology PMT PAGE

Hello fellow travellers.

Here are the PAYPAL Buttons to pay for the Inkslingers in Paris Anthologies.

Please select the button that applies to you and indicate the number of copies you want to purchase when taken to paypal.

Thank you!

James and Sue


Anthology only. (You will receive your copies in person)


Anthology AND Shipping (within Canada)


Anthology AND Shipping (to the USA)

Paris Payments by Credit Card or Paypal

NOTE: If paying via e-transfer or cheque, please pay the amounts listed on the Registration page.
If you prefer to pay using Paypal/Visa, the prices below reflect a surcharge of 3.5% to cover their processing fees.
If you do not have a Paypal account and prefer to pay by Credit Card, we accept payments over the phone with the same additional processing fees. Please contact James or Sue to arrange a good time to call.


$3,625 + 3.5% surcharge ($126.87) = $3,751.87

SINGLE OCCUPANCY SPOT: $4,965 + 3.5% surcharge ($173.77) = $5,138.77


IF YOU PAID THE EARLY-BIRD DEPOSIT for Inkslingers in Paris and wish to pay the remaining balance, please use these buttons:

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY Second Payment: $2,635 + 3.5% surcharge ($92.22) = $2,727.22


SINGLE OCCUPANCY Second Payment: $3,305 + 3.5% surcharge ($115.67) = $3,420.67